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Monday, November 27, 2017

Getting ready for our yearly St. Jude Run

Looking back at where we have been, Tesorito! You have been the pearl in my heart since before you were born. These years of spring were worth waiting for and I am grateful to be able to live them to their fullest with you! Valuing what matters- cuddling, inventing games, make believe, silliness, story time, and secret missions.... Te amo mi cielo venga lo que venga. 

This weekend we will go back to Memphis and I will run that same race that I ran so many times before I even saw your face.  We will visit that same table where we received that life-changing phone call and reminisce about what an amazing journey we are on.  Cada día le doy gracias a Dios otra vez por tu presencia en mi vida.  Con todo mi corazón te amo......

The final leg of our journey

.... and here is the other part of waiting, the part I can't publish until all the family knows....It is 11:25 pm on 5/20..... as I type this, I am on hold with Delta thinking of HANDSOME LITTLE HIM again..... Yes, Delta.  ALAS!  We are booking our flight!!!!!  I can't believe it!  We are in the last .2 of our marathon..... We are ALMOST a COMPLETE family!  I knew this day would come, but I could never imagine it!  As I was leaving school today on the way to yoga we got THE CALL!  I never expected to receive it so soon and with such short notice.  We will be seeing our son in just 1 week!  Then we will sign the paperwork that will start the paperwork we need to get him home so he can meet and play with you all!!!!!!  YIPPEE!!!!