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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Short and sweet

Some people say that I am a short and sweet person, so I guess I will have no trouble being short and sweet in this post.  Everything has been a whirlwind since Thursday of last week.  During my first block plan period at school on January 8, my phone rang-- that Texas number again!  I rarely have time to look at my phone at work, but by chance I had an extra moment and saw it light up.  Neither I nor the Honduras program coordinator in Texas had much time to talk, but quickly she told me that we received our first appointment!  January 29, at 9:30 am, we have an appointment with DINAF for testing and we are not sure what else.  Then, more importantly, on January 30, we will get to see our little boy for the first time!  Even now, just typing it, it makes me emotional!  I can't wait!  How I have imagined the moment a million times and it makes me heart flutter every time!  I feel excited, nervous, surprised, scared, OVERJOYED, relieved, and panicked!  I don't even  know what to think or how to plan, but I am just making lists and checking things off one at a time.  First, I bought our airfare-- we will stay in Honduras from January 28 until February 4.  Then, there is the business or notifying our employers and following the correct protocol.  We are still working on names, acquiring necessities, organizing paperwork, getting the final apostilles, making hotel reservations, and myriad of other final details.  Each little task is joyful because it leads us closer to our little one and towards becoming a forever family!  Little by little, it all becomes more real.  After the first call back at the beginning of December, it has taken a while to wrap our minds around the changes that lie ahead.  First, on December 21, we hosted a Christmas party for our immediate family.  Dinner was magnificent!  Smoked salmon prepared by Papi and a dozen sides were our feast, followed by my specialty-- dessert!  I have earned the nickname "Aunt Sugar" largely due to my sweet skills with baked goods, and so it was my pleasure to bake mini creme brulees-- one for each guest.  On top of each creme brulee, I put an tiny envelope containing a different fact about our little one.  When it came time for dessert, I called everyone in, with the rather unusual excuse that I needed help decorating the desserts.  With everyone gathered around the island, I proceeded to unveil the big news.  "We have received an assignment!  But, in order to find out the details, you will have to open the envelope on top of your desserts and share your fact."  Oh how everyone cheered!  ¡Fue un momento inolvidable!  What an excited buzz it was as everyone shared their little bit of news.  "It's a boy!"  "Sleeps through the night!"   ""Likes fruit!"  Granny said that I was absolutely glowing as we shared the anticipation of our little one's arrival!  I am sure that it is true, because my heart felt so light and happy.  Since then, there have been other reveals too-- each one special and memorable!  We treasure each one!  Aunt Aimee and Uncle Loreto, Uncle Dave and Aunt Amy, and all the aunts and uncles that are our adopted extended family.  Todos no pueden esperar conocerte.  Pues, la realidad es que todas las emociones y todas las experiencias no caben aquí, pero espero que puedas aceptar que guardamos cada momento precioso en nuestros corazones y contamos los días y las horas hasta verte.... y FINALMENTE ABRAZARTE..... ¡MUAH!  Tengo una foto de ti que siempre está conmigo, pero muy pronto, podré verte de otras perspectivas.  Podré oír tu voz.  Podemos empezar a conocernos de verdad.  Quiero ser la mami que mereces y espero que crezcas sabiendo que te amo mucho..... bueno.... mil besitos hijito...... besitos como estrellas...... Te amamos.....

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